Deprivation Tank

What is a deprivation tank?

 A  sensory deprivation tank is a salt water filled chamber used to help people achieve heightened awareness and relaxation by floating.

How does the tank aid in heightened awareness and relaxation?

When floating in the tank, a person loses all sensory awareness. Temperature, light, touch, sound, and gravity are all eliminated and a person is then able to go inward to experience deeper levels of tranquility. This triggers the para-sympathetic response in the body, which aids in the release of muscle tension, lowering of blood pressure, slowing of the heart rate and the release of endorphins (the chemical in the body that makes you feel happy).

What benefits might it have for someone?

What are the Negative Side-Effects of Floating?

The great news is that there are no side-effects to floating. It is purely beneficial!

Brief history of the Tank

Flotation therapy was developed by a man named John Lilly who was deeply interested in how sensory deprivation effected the human mind. People who used the early tanks discovered the healing effects of the tanks, which resulted in the production of more tanks and float centers all across Europe and now in the U.S.

Interested in trying?

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